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Pork Rib Roast

Pork rib roast is also referred to as rack of pork (it also may be labeled center-cut pork loin). The cut comes from the rib area of the loin, so it contains a bit more fat which makes it very flavorful.

The pork rib roast (or rack of pork) is the pork equivalent of a standing beef rib roast or a rack of lamb. A pork rib roast is a simpler version of a pork crown roast, which is a pork rib roast tied into a circle.

This cut makes an elegant centerpiece for a special occasion dinner. Pork rib roast is not always available in the supermarket meat case, but you can order it ahead of time by asking your meat department manager or butcher. Before roasting or barbecuing the pork rib roast, it should be “frenched.”

How do you french a pork rib roast? Simply cut the meat away from the end of each rib so that part of each bone is exposed. (A butcher at the meat counter can also do this for you.)

Cooking Pork Rib Roast (Rack of Pork)

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How to Cook Pork Rib Roast (Rack of Pork)

Pork rib roasts are where convenience meets elegance. This basic recipe is quick enough for a mid-week meal, or it can be dressed up for a special occasion.

Cooking Tip: For a crisp surface on your roast, be sure the oven is fully preheated before place the roast in it and do not cover the meat while roasting.